from a dream to reality...       


Killer Growth was started in 2017, when I started seeing the facial hair trend change. I saw so many people with full healthy beards, I decided to start growing mine. To my surprise it was so much more work then, "Just letting it grow". I was able to grow some facial hair, but it was patchy and brittle. I started to do research on how I could make it better, and finally landed on this amazing formula! It was important to me to make the best serum possible, using all natural products!


I feel the best thing about a beard is the increased feeling of self-confidence. A beard is a like badge of honor, showing all that you are able to commit. Sometimes even making you feel more natural and comfortable with yourself.


The effort and commitment that your put in, you will clearly see in your beard! So get ready for the journey and the many benefits of it! This Serum is the first step, the journey is yours to start!